Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Born Fuck...... (FICTIONAL STORY)

Sandy Stewart was a neighborhood mom. she was 34 with a hot body. She had 3 boys that were on a vacation with their father. One night Sandy took a late night walk in the park, When she was attacked by the neighbor hood punk, a 17 year old High school football player named Pete. Pete hit Sandy over the head with a bat and knocked her out. He then picked her body up and put it in his truck and drove away. Pete drove 5 miles away to an abandoned house in the woods. He took Sandy's body out and tied her down on a table. Sandy woke up in a daze, she opened her eyes and noticed she was naked tide down to a metal table. She looked at the door and she saw Pete standing naked and hard. Sandy cried out "What are you doing to me, please let me go" Pete walked in the room and said "I can't let you go miss, I have a passion to fuck a new born baby haha" Sandy then said "I'm not a new born so let me go!" Pete giggled and said "I'm going to rape you till you are pregnant and I'm going to keep you till the baby comes out haha" Pete jumped on the table and slid his 11 inch cock in Sandy's pussy and raped her hard. Pete raped Sandy every day for hours, even after he impregnated her. Pete wanted the new baby what he or she was going to be born into. After the 9 months was up, Sandy began to give birth. This excited Pete so much that he just had to fuck the baby out of Sandy's pussy. He began pounding and thrusting hard into Sandy's swollen pussy till he felt his cock touch the baby's head. "Here we CUM" he moaned as he shot his load into Sandy's pussy. Right as Pete pulled out, the baby fallowed after. Soft little cries were heard throughout the house. "Its a girl" Pete said. Sandy was crying and was begging to leave. Pete had her chained down the whole time she was there. Pete said "well if I let you go now then you won't be able to see me fuck our new daughter. Sandy started to cry. Pete tied Sandy to a chair so she can see exactly what he planned for the birthday. Pete flipped the baby on her back and put his cock on top of her to see the size difference, Pete's cock was longer then the baby's torso. Pete slowly slid his cock head in the baby's pussy, It started to tear as he kept sliding in inch by inch. The baby was screaming and crying, didn't know what the hell was going on. Pete wen't a quarter of the way in and started thrusting. Baby's pussy started to bleed a lot. Pete stopped just as he was about to cum. He laid baby's body down on the floor and went to Sandy and shoved his cock drenched in the baby's pussy blood in her mouth and face fucked her hard. He made Sandy puke three times. Once again he stopped as he was about to cum.Pete moved Sandy to the floor and tied her up, then he grabbed the baby and tied her little new body on top of Sandy's. Pete proceeded to fuck baby and Sandy, thrusting in to baby's pussy then into Sandy's pussy. Just as Pete was about to cum he shoved his 11 inch thick cock all the way in baby's pussy. He pounded her balls deep. He felt her little body start to compulsively shake and twitch. She started to bleed out of her mouth . Pete then grabbed the baby's body by her sides and squeezed as he thrust'd, breaking all her ribs till he could feel his cock sliding inside her body. Pete shoved the baby down on his cock as he gave one last deep thrust and moaned as he impaled the baby's body with his cock, his cock head shoved out of her mouth and into Sandy's pussy and he shot his huge load into Sandy's pussy. After his body was done shaking from the pleasure he stood up and took the dead baby's body off his cock, blood and guts started to pour out of the baby's lifeless fucked body. He looked at Sandy and said "I lied, I'm keeping you as my baby maker"

Sunday, January 1, 2012

6 men, 1 baby..... (FICTIONAL STORY)

9 month old Sarah.
Little Sarah was adopted by a young couple about 24 years old. Her adoptive parents were druggies her new mom was Linda and her father was Sean. A few days after the adoption Sean and Linda had a big fight and Linda decided to leave Sean and Sarah. The next day Sean decided to have a small party with a few of his guy friends. They were all high on coke and drunk on beer. Sarah was woken up and started to cry, she cried  for about an hour and it started to get Sean and his friends annoyed. Sean's friends kept asking Sean to find a way to shut the little bitch up, Sean said oh I know a way. Sean walked to Sarah's room and picked her up from her crib and went back into the living room, He laid her on the couch, took off her cloths and said to his friends "Who wants to get some tight pussy tonight?". Sean Got on his knees,leaned his head down and started licking Sarah's virgin little pussy.Sarah started to laugh at the feeling of a warm wet tongue flicking her pussy.  Sean stopped licking and started to rub his finger over her hole and then started to finger her. "It's so fucking tight" All the guys were getting all hot and horny, They took off their cloths and surrounded the couch. Sarah started to cry as Sean was fingering her but it wasn't going to stop him. Sean got up from the floor and brought Sarah to the kitchen and laid her on the table and said to his friends "Lets fuck her brains out" Sean grabbed baby Sarah's legs and pulled her to the edge of the table and shoved his cock into her pussy and started to pound her little body hard. Sarah started to scream and cry like never before. "My cock is hitting her intestines" Sean said. After a few minutes of pounding her pussy Sean gave a loud moan and shot his load in Sarah's pussy.As Sean pulled out, All his cum started to pour out along with some blood. Sean looked at his friends and said "Have your way boys" all 6 men went to the table and were looking at Sarah's helpless body just lying there. She was crying so loud and her face was red. Sean's friend Nick told the guys to hold her legs  apart and hold her arms. After everyone was holding her, Nick shoved his 10 inch cock in her pussy and started to beat her baby pussy with his huge cock. Sarah was screaming bloody murder,It only turned them on more. Her pussy was was all red and bloody. Nick stopped thrusting and stuck his cock down Sarah's throat and shot his load straight to her stomach choking her and making her gag. when Nick was done the next guy grabbed Sarah and held her in the air while pounding her, Sean went to the guy and said "Let me help you" Sean grabbed Sarah and held her while Jake pounded her and shot his cum up her pussy. The next 3 guys gang  fucked her in the ass pussy and throat. Blood was poring out of her pussy and ass, you could see the outline of the cocks pounding the inside of baby Sarah. Joe was face fucking her so deep you could see his cock bulging in her throat, at one point Joe swore his cock hit Tim's cock inside her body. Sarah stopped crying,  everyone thought she passed out from the pain but really it was because her organs ruptured.   Once all the guys were done fucking her Sean went to the garage and grabbed a drill. He came back in the kitchen and said to the guys "Well the slut is dead now so now lets really fuck her brain" he drilled a hole in Sarah's skull, put his cock to it and shoved all 9 inches in her brain. Her dead body started to twitch with every thrust. After Sean came inside her brain you could see his cum leaking out of her ears, eyes and nose. After everyone had a turn pounding the babies brain, Sean buried Sarah's body in the back yard.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A father and his little boy.... (FICTIONAL STORY.

                                                                  1 year old Sam.

      One day a young father about  28 named Jake came home from work. His wife had a business trip to go on that weekend so the Jake took off work to watch his little boy Sam. Sam was 1 year old and was just starting to walk, He was a beautiful baby boy with blue eyes and blond hair. After Sam's mom left Friday morning, Jake had a full day planed for his little boy. They went to the zoo and then the playground. After a few hours they went home. Jake walked in the house with Sam on his arm, he sat Sam down on the floor, took off his cloths except for his dipper and said "You can play while I get the bath ready for you sport" After a few minutes, Jake grabbed Sam and said "Ok, Now lets get you out of that itchy dipper" Jake laid Sam on the bed then paused to look at Sam. He stared at Sam with a passion in his eyes. Jake leaned over the bed and started to kiss his 1 year old on the head then face and then his mouth. He stuck his tongue in Sam's mouth and started making out with him. He started to rub Sam's body softly, twisting Sam's nipples. After a couple minutes he proceeded to take Sam's dipper off exposing the little boy's dick and tight ass. Jake started to rub Sam's little dick asking Sam if it feels good. Sam just laughed and giggled. Then Jake put Sam's dick in his mouth and started to suck it, he was able to hold Sam's dick and balls in his mouth at the same time. Sam got so excited he pissed in his daddy's mouth so Jake spit it back in Sam's face. Jake was very upset with his son for what he did. Jake looked at Sam and said "Your going to wish you didn't do that" Jake got up and went to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of  lube then went back to Sam. He spit in Sam's mouth then flipped him over on his stomach and applied the lube to Sam's little baby ass. Once Sam was all lubed up, Jake started to slide his finger into Sam's little hole. Sam started to wine and moan. This really started to turn Jake on so he slid his finger in deeper and started to thrust it in and out. Sam started to cry and wiggled away from Jake. Jake said to Sam, "You little bastard, I wasn't finished. Now I'm really going to fuck you!" he grabbed Sam by the leg and yanked him back. He held Sam face down as he put lube on his 8 inch cock and said to Sam, "I hope your ready to get fucked by daddy" Jake held the back of Sam's neck down as he slowly slid his cock into Sam's baby hole. "Damn Sam, your so tight I can barely keep it in" Sam started to scream and cry so loud but, it didn't affect Jake to much, he was already halfway in and he wasn't going to stop.. The screaming got so loud that it gave Jake a headache which only made Jake more mad. Jake pulled his cock out then flipped Sam around on his back. Jake covered Sam's mouth with his hand and then shoved his cock all the way in Sam's ass. Sam's face turned bright red and he as sweating profusely as his daddy fucked his little hole so hard. As Jake was about to cum he pounded his cock balls deep in his 1 year old baby boy, feeling his cock swell in Sam's ass by pressing on his stomach. With just 4 last thrusts Sam began to vomit do to the stress, pain and crying so much. As Sam's vomit came up he tightened his hole which made Jake shoot his sperm up his baby boys ass "Oh Sam, Your tight hole is making me cum, ohh baby" . after 3 shoots of Jake's sperm, it started to squirt out of Sam's baby butt. Jake pulled his cock out and caught the cum leaking out of Sam's gaping hole into his mouth then he put his mouth on Sam's and forced the cum down his throat. Jake then took Sam's crying, shivering body and laid him on the floor and pissed all over Sam's helpless body. "Good Boy"