Saturday, December 31, 2011

A father and his little boy.... (FICTIONAL STORY.

                                                                  1 year old Sam.

      One day a young father about  28 named Jake came home from work. His wife had a business trip to go on that weekend so the Jake took off work to watch his little boy Sam. Sam was 1 year old and was just starting to walk, He was a beautiful baby boy with blue eyes and blond hair. After Sam's mom left Friday morning, Jake had a full day planed for his little boy. They went to the zoo and then the playground. After a few hours they went home. Jake walked in the house with Sam on his arm, he sat Sam down on the floor, took off his cloths except for his dipper and said "You can play while I get the bath ready for you sport" After a few minutes, Jake grabbed Sam and said "Ok, Now lets get you out of that itchy dipper" Jake laid Sam on the bed then paused to look at Sam. He stared at Sam with a passion in his eyes. Jake leaned over the bed and started to kiss his 1 year old on the head then face and then his mouth. He stuck his tongue in Sam's mouth and started making out with him. He started to rub Sam's body softly, twisting Sam's nipples. After a couple minutes he proceeded to take Sam's dipper off exposing the little boy's dick and tight ass. Jake started to rub Sam's little dick asking Sam if it feels good. Sam just laughed and giggled. Then Jake put Sam's dick in his mouth and started to suck it, he was able to hold Sam's dick and balls in his mouth at the same time. Sam got so excited he pissed in his daddy's mouth so Jake spit it back in Sam's face. Jake was very upset with his son for what he did. Jake looked at Sam and said "Your going to wish you didn't do that" Jake got up and went to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of  lube then went back to Sam. He spit in Sam's mouth then flipped him over on his stomach and applied the lube to Sam's little baby ass. Once Sam was all lubed up, Jake started to slide his finger into Sam's little hole. Sam started to wine and moan. This really started to turn Jake on so he slid his finger in deeper and started to thrust it in and out. Sam started to cry and wiggled away from Jake. Jake said to Sam, "You little bastard, I wasn't finished. Now I'm really going to fuck you!" he grabbed Sam by the leg and yanked him back. He held Sam face down as he put lube on his 8 inch cock and said to Sam, "I hope your ready to get fucked by daddy" Jake held the back of Sam's neck down as he slowly slid his cock into Sam's baby hole. "Damn Sam, your so tight I can barely keep it in" Sam started to scream and cry so loud but, it didn't affect Jake to much, he was already halfway in and he wasn't going to stop.. The screaming got so loud that it gave Jake a headache which only made Jake more mad. Jake pulled his cock out then flipped Sam around on his back. Jake covered Sam's mouth with his hand and then shoved his cock all the way in Sam's ass. Sam's face turned bright red and he as sweating profusely as his daddy fucked his little hole so hard. As Jake was about to cum he pounded his cock balls deep in his 1 year old baby boy, feeling his cock swell in Sam's ass by pressing on his stomach. With just 4 last thrusts Sam began to vomit do to the stress, pain and crying so much. As Sam's vomit came up he tightened his hole which made Jake shoot his sperm up his baby boys ass "Oh Sam, Your tight hole is making me cum, ohh baby" . after 3 shoots of Jake's sperm, it started to squirt out of Sam's baby butt. Jake pulled his cock out and caught the cum leaking out of Sam's gaping hole into his mouth then he put his mouth on Sam's and forced the cum down his throat. Jake then took Sam's crying, shivering body and laid him on the floor and pissed all over Sam's helpless body. "Good Boy"


  1. Sick is not the word that I will use for you.

    1. Careful with your profile picture. This asshole could be jacking off to it.
      This man is sick and dear god, i hope he never gets the chance to go near a baby.